Sponsorship plays an integral role in the development of the Plano Health Fair. Please click  Plano Health Fair Sponsorship Package to view and download sponsorship package.

Here are the Key dates for the following:

  1.  PLANO HEALTH FAIR PUBLICATION (Magazine): Last date for submission of Article or advertisement Jan 25 for February Print, Feb 20 for March and March 20 for April 2018.
  2. FLYERS PUBLICATION: Every month we shall be printing 2000 flyers and the cutoff date is the 20th of every month for the next batch.
  3. RADIO ADVERTS: One working week for creation of advert and scheduling OR 5 days if you provide us on HI-DEF MP3 format for scheduling.
  4. SOCIAL MEDIA: 3-4 days to start promotion from day of providing us the content to share and promote.

Thank you for your investment and support… we appreciate your participation.