Why this Initiative?

There has been considerable advancement in modern medicine and at the same time a huge amount of research surfaces daily. Such exciting times yet people are more sick than ever before with nearly 40% of the population facing some or the other health issue which can be either avoided or easily managed with the right information, routine and medication.

Our Vision

A Healthier and happier community! Bridging the gap between numerous health options, new innovations and people who are seeking physical and mental well-being.


The Plano Health Fair is our starting point, a new beginning for getting into the consciousness of Health, of starting to utilize what we have – The most advanced medical help in the world with state of the art facilities within reach, Medical insurance and providers a phone call away, fitness centers and gyms in every city by the dozens and pharmacies and local doctors on every corner. This event is to encourage everyone to step out and seek help – whatever the issues might be, constant research and help is at hand, we need to be informed of our choices, because in the end, what matters is the good health and the quality of life – that quality can be greatly enhanced with information, with knowledge.

Meet the Team

The Plano Health Fair has been put together by an event management experienced team of individuals whose heartfelt intention is to make our community a healthier and vibrant place to be in. We have been engaged in creating and holding events successfully in the Dallas Metroplex now for the past 6 years.


Vijay Warman

Event Coordinator

Vijay Warman is the founder of the Holistic Festival of Life & Wellness – an event to celebrate life and wellness, Mystic Mandala – A holistic center and metaphysical store in Plano, The Festival of Colors – The largest Color party in Dallas, The Dallas Festival of Lights, an annual event held at the magnificent Southfork ranch and promotes several musicians, dance troupes and concerts from South Asia each year. From large event gatherings to weekly “Sangha lunches” at his studio, his focus is to build and support community while furthering his own meditation practice. He also hosts a radio shows for the past 7 years on 104.9FM and manages Dhyana Yoga Center.
His most heartfelt project is his non profit 5013 C organization Human Embrace, serving the women of our community here in Collin County.


Shefali Thapa

Event Director

Shefali is the founder of the most traditional and holistic Yoga center in Plano – Dhyana Yoga Center. She is a certified yoga teacher and works to spread knowledge of yoga for calming the mind and strengthen the body.  She is also the creative director for The Festival of Colors – The largest Color party in Dallas for the past 6 years and the co-founder for The Dallas Festival of Lights and non profit 5013 C organization Human Embrace. In her parallel universe, she is an Engineer with Masters in IT, Post Graduate in Business Administration with 18+ years of IT & Management experience. Coming from the corporate world, she imbibes her strong work ethics and planning, infuses it with the events that are created to bring community together.


Jennifer Rae

Event Coordinator

Jennifer Rae the Co-Founder and Director of HolisticFestivalofLife.com – The largest holistic festival in the nation, Director of MysticMandala.guru and Founder of JenniferRaeHealing.com has served extensively in event coordination, facility & event site sourcing, project management and client & vendor relations for over 15 years. With a background in staffing for fortune 500 companies, she utilizes her adaptability, customer relations, entertainment sourcing and organization in community outreach and networking projects to support and facilitate several events throughout North Texas. As the event coordinator of Plano Health Fair, Jennifer Rae is bringing together highly skilled teachers and practitioners, doctors and medical professionals, insurance companies and health care providers for this one-day event focused on your health and well-being.


Ananda Lila

Media Director

Ananda Lila is the Media Director for the Plano Health Fair and our free monthly publication. She also handles media management for Dallas Festival of Lights and the Director of Bhakti radio network, a 24X7 online radio station located in Dallas. You may visit the website at www.BhaktiRadioNetwork.com to learn more about her endeavors in building community. She has been involved in the promotion of authentic yoga practices and Holistic living in East Dallas for many years. Feeling passionate about living consciously as a mother, she developed ‘Mata and Me’, a fair-trade clothing brand designed for families.


Raegan Hailey

Event Coordinator

Raegan is the event coordinator for the Plano Health Fair responsible for the organization and allocations. Raegan closely resonates with the mind, body and spirit.Her interests include health, fitness and meditation including yoga, Ayurveda and other forms of holistic medicine. She takes interest in helping others and takes care of others as they are her own. She has a big heart for animals and those with special needs. She has a way to connect with children and her empathetic ways help to build bonds and connections with the people she meets. A traveler at heart, an explorer of world cultures, she has taken time to be Guatemala and in India to learn about languages, ancient sciences, all the while pursuing her undergraduate degree in Dallas.


Our Past & Ongoing Events

The Dallas Festival of Lights (Annual)

This event celebrates the biggest South east Asian festival called Diwali. The Dallas Festival of Lights was a huge community event with a gathering of around 8000 people in October 2017 at the Soutfork Ranch. The celebrations included many music and dance performances by local artists and a grand Finale of Fireworks! Please visit our website for more information. Stay connected with our community and join 7000 other people on our Facebook Page 

The Holistic Festival of Life and Wellness (Semiannual)

This event has been the flag bearer for the Holistic Community and focusing on Health through Yoga, Meditation and alternate health practices. The 7th festival is scheduled at the Plano event center on the 24th of June with thousands of visitors coming to this free to public event focusing on wellness thru integrative therapies. This event has hundreds of vendors. Please visit our website to see the wonderful offerings at this event. Stay connected with our community and join 5000 other like-minded individuals on our Facebook Page

The Dallas Festival of Colors (Annual)

This is an annual celebration of life with colors. For the past 6 years, this is the largest Color party in Dallas, attended by thousands. It coincides with the HOLI, a socio-community event celebrated in India to bring in the first day of Spring.
Please visit our website. Our next festival is on the 3rd of March at the Southfork Ranch.
Stay connected with our community and join 7000 others on our Facebook Page